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About Us

Michael Vignoles is one of a rare breed of craftsmen left in Galway. He crafts Bodhrán drums, Uilleann Pipes and other items in his Claddagh workshop in Galway city. His instruments are played by musicians worldwide and his goal is to provide high-quality instruments at a reasonable price.

The Non Tuning Bodhrán range comes in a walnut finished shell covered with genuine goat skin, studded with a Celtic leather strap, single solid cross bar and complete with a complimentary learn to play the Irish Bodhrán with Michael Vignoles DVD. The Tuneable Bodhrán Range in sizes 14, 16 & 18 inch, comes in a natural black and walnut finish with key adjusting tuners.

The Uilleann Pipes, one of the treasures of Irish traditional music, a wind instrument inflated by means of a bellows operated by the elbow is crafted here. Other items such as tinwhistles, flutes and Michael Vignoles DVD tutorials are sold in the shop.

Michael’s shop is located in The Claddagh part of Galway city. The Irish word cladach means stony shore and this is how the area known as Claddagh got its name. Claddagh was once a fishing village on the western edge of Galway City, just across the river.

Claddagh was distinct community with its own king who led the fishing fleet. The fishermen sailed a particular type of boat known as a Hooker and they spoke Irish. Their fishing catches were sold at market in Galway beside the Spanish Arch. Nothing survives today of the thatched cottages where the fishermen and their families lived but Claddagh is still a clearly defined area around the Dominican Church of St Mary on the Hill. Claddagh homes are now much in demand as the area benefits from its proximity to both the sea and the city, and from wonderful views across Galway Bay.

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